Special systems

As individual as our customers

We are constantly improving ourselves and our products for our customers. The result is innovative conveyor technology equipment and special systems tailored precisely to the specific requirements of our customers. Some examples of this include our buckets, paste bunkers and silo discharge systems for problematic, slow-flowing materials.

And in case you can’t find the exact technology in our product range that you need for your processes, simply get in touch with us. We would be happy to develop an individual solution for you that meets your needs in every aspect. Two examples of special systems from AMF-Bruns: 

You can find your personal point of contact on our Contact page.

Silo discharge conveyor for heavy flowing materials:
The combined rotating arm/auger system guarantees secure discharge and dosing of slow-flowing materials (e.g. pastes and slurry) or other bridging substances from silos and bunkers. A clearing arm activates the discharge, while the slotted base enables uniform mass flow. Combing discharge auger conveyors downstream dispense the slow-flowing materials securely from the template and ensure conveyance to the transfer point.

Lump and clod crushers
Our lump and clod crushers for light and soft bulk materials are predominantly used in the sugar industry. They are used in this case for breaking up materials that tend to clog. Our double shaft unit for breaking up larger materials is frequently used in power stations and for ash treatment at waste incineration plants. 

Benefits of our special systems
  • Secure discharge of slow-flowing materials from silos and bunkers
  • Suitable for shredded, wet, heavy and light materials
  • Available in completely dustproof, pressure shock-resistant and gastight form
  • Low energy requirements
  • Quiet conveyance
  • Available in special materials