Screw conveyors

Good for your valuable goods

Auger conveyors are primarily transportation worms for bulk solids with a volume flow of up to 1,400 m³/h and conveyance lengths of up to 60 m per unit.

Auger conveyors by AMF-Bruns are robust, heavy-duty constructions. They can efficiently withstand even tough continuous operating conditions with dusty, granular and semi-moist bulk materials.

Our auger conveyors require relatively little space, operate efficiently and with minimum maintenance effort. We can also manufacture gas and pressure-tight equipment.

AMF - Bruns provides auger conveyors in various models for different applications:

Humidifying auger conveyors
Humidifying auger conveyors moisten, mix and transport dry material to be conveyed. The dual-shaft design is recommended for mixed and moistened material with a tendency to cake, as their intermeshing configuration operates self-cleaning.

Auger conveyors
Trough auger conveyors transport material at inclinations of up to 30 degrees. A screwed-on cover ensures good access to the conveyance area, e.g. for cleaning and maintenance.

Vertical auger conveyors
Vertical auger conveyors vertically convey bulk material over more than 20 m high. They provide many advantages: high output with very little space requirement, good transition from horizontal to vertical conveyance, as well as clean, quiet and dustproof design.

Tubular auger conveyors
We provide tubular auger conveyors in form of either steep auger conveyors capable of transporting material over inclines of more than 30 degrees or dosing auger conveyors for the volumetric metering of bulk materials.

Benefits of our screw conyevors