Screw heat exchanger

Optimal heat exchange capacity

AMF-Bruns provides single and dual-shaft screw heat exchanger (WHE) in a wide range of trough designs in the form of cooling or heating augers.

We also provide dual-shaft exchangers in different styles for various types of applications. 

Our systems guarantee continuous processes in process engineering. They are used in pressure, vacuum and high-temperature ranges, for cooling or heating slow-flowing, corrosive and abrasive products. Special functions such as mixing, compressing, breaking up, agglomerating and dosing are possible.

Cooling or heating takes place individually or in conjunction with troughs, coverings or screw shafts. Water, steam, thermal oil, gas or electrical heating pads function as heat carriers. Our screw heat exchanger operate with a high filling level of up to 90 per cent.

Heat exchange surfaces, auger blades, tubular shafts and coils for cooling or heating media supply ensure optimal heat exchange capacity. We also improve heating and cooling circulation.

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The WHE recirculation cooling worm has a particularly high heat exchange capacity and is also used for discontinuous operation.

Dual-shaft, self-cleaning screw heat exchanger are used for dry or wet materials, such as paste or slurry. They have cooled auger blades and a cooled dual-case trough.

Benefits of our screw heat exchanger
  • Continuous heat exchange during conveyance
  • Hot goods conveyance and cooling at over 1,000°C
  • Available in completely dustproof, pressure shock-resistant and gastight form
  • Abstraction and dosing from combustion processes
  • Metered input of fuels in combustion processes
  • Product preheating for a wide range of production processes
  • Design and production based on AD guidelines