Dosing & shut-off devices

All a matter of distribution

AMF-Bruns offers a comprehensive range of high-precision dosing and shut-off devices. These enable the transported goods to be supplied in the desired quantity and at the right time during various process steps, or conveyance paths reliably blocked.

Our dosing and shut-off devices are adapted to the conveying system with millimetre precision and according to our customers’ exact requirements, thus guaranteeing maximum process reliability. We use standard steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel or wear-resistant steel as standard materials depending on the requirements. Additional materials are also possible on request.

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Exchange valves:
These dosing devices, also known as breech chutes, two-way chutes or deflection valves, distribute goods by means of a swivelling plate operated by an electric motor or pneumatically or manually in two different conveying directions. 

Rotary valves:
Established, simple dosing devices which are particularly suitable for free-flowing, fine-grained transported materials. The dosing quantity is based on cell content and rotation speed. Rotary valves are used for materials that tend to clog. In special cases, we can also control three conveying directions.

Flat sliders:
They are used to block conveying paths. We produce a strong welded steel construction type as well as electromotive, pneumatic and manually operated variants. The blades are mounted on plain or roller bearings. Scraper sealing strips or packing arrange the slide plates to the drive chamber. Possible styles: fully encapsulated, sealing gas-flushed and, for use in high-temperature ranges, water-cooled.

Double dump valves:
These shut-off devices are used to transport materials in and out in the case of closed-loop processes. The two inside valves close in cycles here. 

Benefits of our dosing & shut-off devices
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Precise dosing
  • Reliable cut-off
  • Precise production based on your specifications
  • Optimal integration into your production processes
  • First-class engineering
  • Gentle conveyance of products