charging- and emptying systems

Constant, uniform material flow

With the residual emptying system from AMF-Bruns, the residual quantities are discharged following the gravimetric emptying of a cylinder or dome silo, such as sugar or grain. Depending on the silo size, the residual quantities can reach up to 15,000 tonnes. Our residual emptying system thus guarantees constant, uniform material flow.

AMF-Bruns offers residual emptying augers for silo diameters of up to 55 metres. Depending on the pourability of the sugar, we can offer the following discharge capacities: 

Diameter of the worm shaft Discharge rate at max. speed
Ø 900 mm approx. 70 t/h
Ø 1000 mm approx. 100 t/h
Ø 1200 mm approx. 135 t/h
Ø 1300 mm approx. 130 t/h *
Ø 1400 mm approx. 160 t/h *

* For larger silo diameters

Benefits of our discharge screw conveyors with bunker outlet
  • The majority of the silo emptying process occurs in a gravimetric manner, so no mechanical components need to be operated within the silo during this time.
  • There are also no mechanical components above the material column. Consequently, there are no impurities in the stored goods due to lubricants or falling parts.
  • The perfect mix: by supplying the silo system with an established AMF-Bruns supply system, we can achieve a largely uniform grain distribution of the stored goods, resulting in excellent mixing results during the subsequent discharge. The silo volume can also be optimally used.
  • By using manual or electrically operated dosing auger conveyors in the silo base, the desired volume flow can be configured within the defined range at any time. This enables the discharge capacity to be adapted precisely. Quick responses are also possible in the case of malfunctions in the subsequent area, for example, without having to interrupt the discharge completely.
  • The silo is accessed via the silo base through the central dome. External impurities are thus prevented.
  • Static benefits of the silo structure: Only a small base is required for installation of the conveyor beneath the silo.
  • Low personnel requirements:  only visual monitoring is required in order to prevent bridging. The system runs automatically during regular emptying operation.
  • Further benefits: The residual emptying system is predominantly dustproof. All components can be thoroughly cleaned. The hygienic aspect plays an extremely important role in the design of all systems at AMF-Bruns.