Chain bunkers

With reverse combing system for the chipboard industry

The AMF chain belt bunker with reverse combing system is used to convert a discontinuous conveyance process into a continuous conveyance process in the chipboard industry. It also serves as an interim storage point for wet and dry products, such as sawdust, OSB chips, wood shavings and pressed pulp.

The AMF chain belt bunker transports products on a continuous basis with a chain belt in to the subsequent conveyor systems (dryers). Stripper rollers set at an angle of approximately 60° prevent non-uniform discharge (bridging) from the bunker.

With the reverse combing system in the inlet area, which passes lengthways at the top in the AMF chain belt bunker interior, the products supplied in a discontinuous manner are distributed evenly in the bunker. This ensures that the same defined product profile always arrives at the stripper rollers in the bunker.

Due to its modular structure, the length of the AMF chain belt bunker can also be easily modified at a later time.

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Benefits of our chain bunkers
  • Modular, screwed structure, hence:
    Any length of up to 50 m (partial lengths 1,950 mm) Length can be modified subsequently Assembly at site
  • The bunker roof is fully accessible