Belt conveyors

Low space requirements and quiet conveyance

Belt conveyors from AMF-Bruns enable gentle, wear-free conveyance of bulk materials. We implement low-maintenance systems with large spans. We can adapt them to practically any type of situation with variable accessories.

Troughed belt conveyors are frequently used for conveying large quantities of materials over distances of several hundred metres. The three-part troughed belts are predominantly suitable for heavy bulk materials with high throughputs. AMF Bruns combines the system with walkways and steel conveyor bridges. With trolleys that can drop off materials at any point at one or both sides, we ensure flexible discharge of the bulk material.

For steep conveyance, we use special cleats or corrugated edge belts. We predominantly use rubber belts, in smooth, profiled or cleated form, depending on the situation. The belts can be cleaned using inner belt scrapers, outer belt scrapers, impact rollers or motorised brush rollers. We can also optionally provide safety devices such as release cords, off-track detectors and speed sensors.

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Benefits of our belt conveyors
Benefits of our airglide conveyors
Benefits of our sliding belt conveyors
  • High conveying capacity of over 2,000 m³/h
  • Conveyance of granules, powders, slurry and problematic coarse-grained materials
  • For extremely wide horizontal conveying distances
  • Low energy requirements
  • Low space requirements with high conveying capacity
  • Quiet conveyance
  • Low maintenance
  • Gentle conveyance of product