Groundbreaking ceremony with Apen Mayor Huber: AMF-Bruns installs its own photovoltaic plant

At a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, Matthias Huber, Mayor of Apen, together with AMF-Bruns Managing Directors Gerit Bruns, Jürgen Bruns and Jan Woltermann, gave the starting signal for the construction of an on-site photovoltaic plant. Four hall roofs are to be equipped with solar modules. The Apen-based family firm would like to generate a full 35 per cent of its energy needs in future with the 749kWp plant: environmentally friendly and independent from energy suppliers. The plant should be connected to the grid in the first quarter of 2018.

“With this photovoltaic plant we are proving that we, as a medium-sized and internationally operating enterprise, are committed to protecting the environment and handling resources in a sustainable way,” explained managing director Jan Woltermann. “At the same time we will save energy costs and gain a greater level of independence from energy price increases.”

The new photovoltaic plant will produce 622 MWh per year. Of this, AMF-Bruns will use 80 per cent itself – with 20 per cent being supplied to the local grid. Accompanying the new plant, charging stations will be introduced for electric cars that are to be placed at the disposal of employees and visitors of the company. The investment for the new photovoltaic plant lies in the mid-six-figure range.

Mayor Huber made the following statement on the project: “AMF-Bruns is doing what we all would like. The firm is producing renewable energy and using it directly at the production site. This company represents true enterprising spirit in the north-west and is a strong partner of our municipality in its natural setting and with its high quality of life. With its new photovoltaic plant, AMF-Bruns is supporting the energy transition and avoiding any additional impositions, e.g. through power lines. AMF-Bruns is the innovative driver of our community in many fields. Alongside the four EV charging stations that will also be created, AMF-Bruns is doing more than just acting sustainably for our ecology. The firm is also the regional model of a crisis-proof, medium-sized enterprise as far as training, staff retention and investment at its Apen location are concerned. We are grateful that AMF-Bruns, with its conveyor and mobility divisions, is a part of our community. Right here: Made in Germany. Made in Apen.”

The construction of the photovoltaic plant is embedded in a long-term company strategy that focuses on the sustainable handling of resources. As an environmentally sensitive enterprise, over the course of the past few years AMF-Bruns has taken frequent steps to save energy and preserve resources. One example of this would be the introduction of a certified energy management system. Also, since 2013, AMF-Bruns has obtained its energy exclusively from renewable hydro power. This will also cover the remaining energy needs of the company in future.

Soon, power will come straight from the roof: L-R Jan Woltermann (Managing Director, AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co.), Gerit Bruns (Managing Director, AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG), Matthias Huber (Mayor, Municipality Apen) & Jürgen Bruns (Managing Director, AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG) at the groundbreaking on the AMF-Bruns plant premises. Picture source: Bastian Krampe, AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG