Lifting loads quietly

Be it in the warehouse, in the goods inward area or in routing between the factory halls, we have significantly reduced noise pollution and emissions thanks to our five new electric forklift trucks and two electric pallet jacks. The new fleet of load lifters is another logical step in our sustainable corporate strategy.

Diesel forklift trucks are now a thing of the past at AMF-Bruns. Since October, five brand-new electric forklift trucks have been moving around the halls almost silently. Two electric pallet jacks are also in use. ‘AMF-Bruns is focusing on environmental protection and the sustainable use of resources,’ says Managing Director Jan Woltermann. ‘We are able to charge the electric forklift trucks using our own photovoltaic system, which has been covering a proportion of our electricity needs since early 2018. The electric forklift trucks are therefore in keeping with our concept of having an independent and environmentally friendly power supply.’

Maximum power is provided without any noisy motors or exhaust fumes – clear advantages that the employees in particular benefit from. ‘The electric forklift trucks are a valuable addition to the team,’ believes Michael Siehlmann, manager of conveyor systems production, ‘because forklift trucks are in use all the time in a wide array of areas, be it the goods inward area, dispatch, in routing between and within the halls, in the automated lifting technology warehouse, in the metalworking shop, to feed the laser and plasma systems, and ultimately to load parts onto HGVs. All of these work processes now occur quietly and with no diesel fumes!’