Staying fit and healthy throughout the day

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With the new AMF-Bruns e-bike, our employees can now start the day energetically and ecology-minded – and even save money in the process!

Background: In 2012, German legislation enabled companies to provide a bicycle for use by their employees on company premises and for private use. Hereby, a tax in the amount of 1% of the bike's gross purchase price (non-cash benefit, as with a company car) is deducted annually from the employee's salary – and he/she only pays a monthly user fee.

Together with the bicycle, AMF-Bruns employees also receive many extras, e.g. full insurance, repair service, a pedelec safety helmet, rainwear, and a pannier. In other words, an offer that pays off in several respects.
Detailed information about the AMF-Bruns e-bike is provided in our newly published brochure, which is also available as a download.

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