Opening of another global AMF-Bruns location in Voronezh, Russia


Apen, 19/02/18 – In order to better support its customers in Russia, AMF-Bruns opened a new location in Voronezh, Russia in December 2017. The conveyor system manufacturer and leading manufacturer of vehicle technology for people with disabilities thus follows its customers in their target areas and strengthens its global market position. The increasing number of customers from Russia necessitates the opening of a new location, making it the Group's seventh global location, alongside Dubai and Wroclaw, among others.


A dedicated sales and engineering team will take care of regional customers, enabling even faster delivery times for conveyor systems and closer cooperation with local customers.


The new manager of the site in Russia is Zhambul Zhuasbekov:


‘With our new office in Russia, we have the opportunity to work together with our headquarters in Apen, Germany, to serve our customers even more closely and strengthen our global presence. Our goal is to position ourselves globally in the long term’.


To mark the occasion of the opening of the new office in Russia, the AMF-Bruns conveyor technology website is now also available in Russian:

AMF-Bruns Russia
Friedrich-Engels 24B
394036 Voronezh
Tel: +7 473 260 2248
Mobile: +7 909 210 2756
Email: voronezh(at)