Final assembly

The ‘marriage’ of all components

The conveyor system is finally ‘shaped’ during final assembly. Like with all other production areas, the system parts are assembled in an one-day cycle. This means that one product is produced per day on the four AMF-Bruns production lines.  

At the same time, a wide range of different products are produced on the four flexibly designed mix lines. Conveyor systems of more than eight metres in length are ‘cut’ into segments and pass through production at a more manageable size.

From the first to the final step, all processes are monitored by the respective employee during self-assessments and the results are documented in writing.

After the final assembly, a test run is carried out on the system, before it is finally signed off by the quality management officer.

Production Mr Sielmann

Michael Siehlmann

Product manager for conveyor systems

Area manager Structural work / Final assembly

‘The interaction and coordination of all departments, to ensure that all the individual parts come together in one area in a timely manner, is a significant challenge and is always quite daunting.’